EPC developed emulsion production units achieving the highest QHSE standards. A patent as been registered for the EMP (Euro Modular Plant) innovative modular concept. This technology has been also designed to be fully compliant with Canadian regulations.

Moreover, the EMP offers a full autonomy in energy, generating its own electricity, steam and compressed air. Being eco-friendly by design, the EMP is automatically recycling the water used for cleaning the equipment into the manufacturing process.

EPC Canada is able to mobilize such manufacturing facility in just a few months.

Software : Vertex©

Vertex© – designed for Engineers by Engineers

Vertex© is an integrated, highly advanced drilling and blasting software package that has been developed by our in-house engineering experts to meet the needs of our rock-on-ground customers. This unique software application provides a seamless, coherent and integrated approach to blast design.


Understanding the blast

It combines multiple streams of data, achieved using a range of technologies including GPS, hole probing and drone photogrammetry, to create complex blast designs. Producing a 3D map of a site, Vertex© allows our engineers to generate precise pre- and post-drill profiles together with accurate timing plans – producing the most optimised blast performance.

Blast accuracy

Vertex© can export drilling and loading plans direct to the latest generation of smart drill rigs and bulk emulsion trucks, as well as being able to carry out initiation pattern designs that can be exported to various detonator systems.

This integrated approach is enabling our engineers to more accurately place holes and calculate emulsion amounts and shot charges, resulting in the best possible fragmentation and return on investment for you.

Securely stored information

All data produced by Vertex© is securely stored in an online centralised location. This accumulated information enables our engineers and customers alike to efficiently and effectively analyse and interpret blast statistics. Blast designs can be quickly compared to previous projects enabling engineers to make real-time, data-led, informative decisions before the blasting process proceeds. Most importantly, this resource provides you with a wealth of historic data, the interpretation of which will help maximise future blast optimisation.

Safety first

On-site safety is central to all our blasting activities and we are constantly developing new techniques to enable us to deliver a safer service. Vertex© is one such development.

By using Vertex©, all aspects of a blast can be conducted from a distance. From the flying of the drone to the blast design, Vertex© allows our engineers to work remotely, out of the way of dangerous heavy machinery or geological hazards. It also enables you to access data, produce reports and conduct audits from the safety of your office.

Vertex© is helping to transform the way we work. From survey and design, to exporting drill patterns and the blast itself, Vertex© is allowing us to plan, control and deliver from one platform.

It is moving us towards a completely digital and paperless environment, as well as allowing us to provide you with the most comprehensive, integrated and remote drilling and blasting service possible.

Loading equipment

EPC develops bulk explosives loading equipment for all application both underground and on the surface.

This equipment allow for efficient and safe delivery of bulk explosives directly into the boreholes.