Our depth of experience, expertise and professionalism have made us one of the leading names in the industry. Whether you need consultancy, training or assistance with unusual projects, we can meet and solve any challenge.

EPC Canada places operational safety and competency as its number one priority, and we bring the highest level of professionalism and customer focus to everything we do.

Delivery service to the borehole

EPC has a team of highly skilled operators and a fleet of trucks allowing the delivery of explosives, for our clients, to the borehole.

Technical services

EPC has a team of highly skilled technicians able to perform a variety of technical services:

  • Face profiling with a laser or a drone,
  • Topographic mapping,
  • Velocity of detonation (VoD) measures,
  • Fragmentation analysis through photogrammetry,
  • Vibration monitoring,
  • Etc.


Over the years EPC’s personnel have gained extensive experience in many fields relating to the manufacture and use of explosives and this pool of knowledge is now available to customers for projects ranging from the establishment of operating procedures to specific problem solving.

Amongst the areas where we can offer high-quality advice and management are product development and testing, environmental impact assessment, safety audits, blast design, monitoring of vibration or blast performance.