Press Review: EPC Canada Takes Center Stage in Outlook Magazine

Sep 18, 2023

Under the insightful leadership of Ferdinand Bodénan, Senior Vice President, EPC Canada recently shared its vision for the mining industry and its journey with Outlook Magazine.

Ferdinand states, “Canada is one of the world’s largest mining countries and positions itself as a competitive, sustainable, and responsible mining sector”

As a global leader in explosives manufacturing for 130 years, EPC Group has evolved over time, consistently prioritizing safety in its operations.

Pioneering in Explosives Manufacturing

Founded in 1893, EPC Group has been a trailblazer with constant technological advancements, placing safety at the forefront. To date, explosive manufacturing constitutes 60% of our activities, complemented by drilling, blasting, and demolition. Listed on Euronext Paris, EPC generates €517 million in revenue and employs 2600 individuals across 44 international subsidiaries.

Multi-province Operations and Environmental Commitment

Since acquiring a local explosives manufacturer in Ontario, EPC Canada has significantly expanded, capturing markets in Quebec’s mines and quarries. Our commitment to the environment is tangible through concrete projects, such as emulsion production, supporting sustainable solutions.

EPC Canada actively contributes to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, incorporating cutting-edge technologies like a new ERP system and digital solutions, reinforcing operational efficiency and commitment to sustainable development.

Emulsion Production: Leading in Technological Performance

EPC Canada modernized the Kirkland Lake facility and built an emulsion plant at Bloom Lake, producing 30,000 metric tons annually. Our collaboration with Minerai de fer Québec demonstrates innovation, mobilizing a modular emulsion plant in less than four months, a remarkable achievement in extreme conditions.

Digital Transition and Customer-oriented Future

Beyond ongoing projects, EPC Canada embraces advanced technologies, adopting a new ERP system, a cloud platform for supplier accounts, and digital solutions for human resources management.

Ferdinand Bodénan concludes: “Our goal is not merely to increase explosive volumes but to forge strong partnerships, attract talent, and innovate for improved operational performance. Canada remains at the heart of our strategy, and we continue to structure and stabilize our company with a commitment to sustainable growth and a lasting contribution to the industry.”