Packaged emulsion

Packaged emulsion
Packaged emulsion

From 25mm (1”) to 150mm (6”) diameters, from 200mm (8”) to 990mm (39”) length, class 1.1 (sensitive to the detonator) or class 1.5 (sensitive to the booster), made of film or shot-bag, for up-holes loading (with a bazooka / Swedish loader) or for any other application, EPC Canada offer the products you need.

The product provides the optimum combination of safety, efficiency, reliability, and consistency and is available in a range of cartridge sizes.

  • High water resistance
  • High Velocity of Detonation
  • Good oxygen balance with low post blast fumes
  • Good handling characteristics

EPC Canada recommends the use of a booster for safe and efficient priming when firing packaged emulsion.


Locally manufactured in Kirkland Lake, ON, EPC Canada’s Normax® products offer reliable blasting solutions. Normax® is detonator-sensitive (class 1.1) with standard diameters ranging from 1″ (25 mm) to 2.5″ (65 mm) and lengths from 8″ (200 mm) to 35″ (890 mm), packaged in 25 kg boxes. 



Normite® is a range of products suitable for open-pit and underground use, either in cartridges or bulk. The entire Normite® range must be initiated by a booster. Cartridge Normite® ranges from a diameter of 2.5″ (50 mm) to 5″ (125 mm) and a length of 16″ (400 mm) to 35″ (890 mm). They can be packaged in 25 kg boxes or containers of about 1,000 kg, with the choice between Valeron film (small Normite® cartridges) or “shot-bags.”


For additional information, feel free to download our technical data sheets or contact us.