Other products

Detonating cord

Detonating Cord is a linear explosive consisting of a PETN powder wrapped in a flexible plastic outer coating. EPC Canada is able to supply a comprehensive range of cord weights for a variety of applications.

Detonating cord has a variety of uses in quarrying, mining, civil engineering and other specialist applications. Low strength detonating cords are typically used for the initiation of shock tube in both quarrying and demolition. Higher strength cord is typically used in pre-splitting applications or as a main charge in demolition.

The multilayer construction of the cord ensures a high resistance to tension and abrasion whilst in use.


EPC Canada supplies a nitroglycerine-based explosive in a range of diameters suitable for use in the civil engineering, demolition, tunnelling and quarrying industries.

Nitroglycerine explosives generally have good water-resistant characteristics, depending on their application and exposure to water. 

Reliable initiation can be provided with standard detonating cord, electric, non-electric or electronic detonators.

As a group, the nitroglycerine explosives are one of the most sensitive commercial products used today (excluding detonators).




Manufactured by EPC Canada, NorMax Presplit® is a high energy detonator sensitive packaged emulsion.

NorMax Presplit® is specially designed for pre-shearing or rock cutting applications (face or rock wall control, perimeter control in drifts or tunneling, demolition and dimensional stone).

NorMax Presplit® is manufactured in various diameters with detonating cord attached along the length of the product.

Product length per case is dependent on the diameter of the cartridges. The detonating cord reinforces the product and facilitates loading in the borehole.

Depending on operation or user requirements, cartridge length can be increased by connecting multiple lengths together.



Cone Pak

Cone-Pak® products are used in secondary blasting in both underground and surface applications. Cone-Pak® products are not for use in coal mines or under fiery conditions.

The Cone-Pak® is a cone or bell-shaped plastic cup, with a lid, containing an emulsion explosive. Cone-Pak® products are fitted with a length of detonating cord protruding from the apex of the cone for quick attachment and easy initiation.