Blasting agents

Blasting agents

Bulk emulsion

EPC Canada supplies a wide range of bulk emulsion to address all requirements.


  • Microspheres pre-sensitized emulsion for a quick and reliable usage
  • High viscosity emulsion to hold in up-holes in underground application
  • Blended emulsion for optimized energy
  • Dual salt emulsion (ammonium and calcium nitrates) for superior energy
  • Gassed emulsion for variable density at best price

Download Bulk emulsion MSDS


ANFO explosives are supplied either in 25 kg bags or bulk form and are suitable for use in dry borehole conditions. EPC’s range of ANFO explosives includes NorAnfo Reg, HD, LD and WR.

NorAnfo products are oxygen balanced, free flowing mixture of ammonium nitrate prills and fuel oil. The lack of water resistance of ANFO have to be recognised when designing blasts using these products.

Download ANFO MSDS